Wist Dementia App


Wist helps families take care of their loved ones suffering from dementia and related illnesses. It’s an app that helps families stay connected and distribute care throughout the entire family.


Design an app that helps families
stay connected, up to date, and care for their elderly family members
with dementia.  


Wist keeps track of medical history, emotional changes, daily tasks and helpful tips for the family to keep their loved one happy. 

A puzzle represents the missing pieces coming back together.

The check mark alludes to daily to-do lists families have to complete when caring for their family member.

Through interviews, research and personal experience I was able to determine what features to include that would be most helpful for families.

The Alerts section was created to distribute everyday tasks amongst family members, keep track of family member’s whereabouts and cut down repetitive texting.

Wist keeps everything organized in
one place for the family and medical professionals to reference when needed. 

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